Monday, August 23, 2010

Die Neue Republikanische Ordnung -- Geld Ohne Arbeit!!

Dear Friends in Faith,

Our one and true Christian Bible teaches that God’s love is expressed in worldly wealth. Why else would he have blessed David and Solomon? David sent Bathsheba’s husband off to the front lines to die so that David could marry her. God didn’t make him poor or disabled for that! The money kept rolling in and he died an old man. New Republicans have no need to hide their blessings. In fact, the primary right of The New Republican Order is expressed in our motto "Geld Ohne Arbiet" which is our spiritual fatherland’s way of saying "Unearned Income." It is one of God’s most tender blessings. God willed that our Homeland should tax unearned income at a lower rate than earned income because work -- producing earned income -- is punishment for original sin.
"To those who have, more will be given. To those who have not, even what little remains will be taken away!!" -- J. Christ, New Republican spokesperson
New Republicans have no reason to feel guilt about Unearned Income because Christ already died for our sins -- all of them; now and forever. Your sins are forgiven almost as soon as you think about sinning -- that’s His gift to us. All New Republicans should enjoy Unearned Income because it’s their God given right. Small people don’t understand this. They just whine and complain. That’s why “what little remains is taken away" from poor people -- they are sinners and don’t deserve it.
"The poor are always with you" -- J. Christ, NRO spokesperson
So What!! God made the poor to show proof of his blessings to New Republicans!
"Once while I was walking with my students, I saw a man who was blind from birth. My students asked me: “Master, who sinned, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? I answered, ‘Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him." -- J. Christ, NRO spokesperson
The reason our Homeland is under siege is because the earned-income vermin and even people who don’t work for anything at all have been misled by Satan to think that they deserve a place at our table. The leaders of the New Republican Order anticipated this and as early as 2000 (in the year of our Lord) launched a series of programs to put earned-income sinners back in their place while reducing surplus population.

Our program using globalization to destroy local employment has been tremendously effective in our Homeland and is starting to bear fruit in Godless Europe. Simply by withholding employment, we have reversed the insidious social climbing in which income-earning sinners have been engaged. One day, we may allow them to work again, but only on our terms God’s terms.

By limiting health care to those who can afford it, we have achieved efficient surplus population reduction at a near zero cost per unit. By ensuring that affordability is linked to continuous employment we have achieved unbelievable levels of employee devotion in the few places where we have allowed jobs. The outsourced are rendered surplus and are of no concern.

Contribute now to the NRO. Forward is the only option. God is waiting.

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